Why Journey

Nutrition. Digestibility. Accountability. MADE EASY!


Journey Bariatric Multivitamins and Protein have a UNIQUE formulation of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics especially designed for the weight loss surgery patient.


Journey bariatric supplements have been developed exclusively by our experienced Bariatric Surgeons to meet your individual nutrition needs before and after surgery. Our formulation has been designed to ease digestibility, using ingredients that are highly absorbable to prevent deficiencies. Patient supplementation compliance is often a common concern among our surgeons. For this reason, our bariatric nutrition regimen has been simplified and improved to provide ease in daily supplementation.


Nutrition is the primary environmental trigger to a healthy weight. Vitamins and minerals are essential factors in many biological processes that regulate appetite, hunger, nutrient absorption, metabolic rate, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, energy storage, and glucose balance. After weight loss surgery, there is a high risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency due to malabsorption and/or incomplete digestion of foods related to small amounts of gastric acid produced and dietary intake. Journey Bariatric supplements are designed to ensure complete and balanced nutritional health for the bariatric patient.


Healthy bacteria that reside inside your gastrointestinal system are affected by antibiotics taken after weight loss surgery. These organisms influence many processes in your body, including fat burning and storage. The addition of good bacteria (probiotics) helps with healthy weight and metabolism by extracting energy and calories from the foods you eat, aiding in weight loss and maintenance. On the other hand, insufficient or imbalanced bacteria caused by the use of antibiotics, poor nutrition, and/or environmental toxins can affect weight loss efforts and lead to weight gain.  Journey Multivitamins include probiotics that help provide additional health benefits to the bariatric patient’s health regimen.


We believe you’ll agree JOURNEY is the most advanced nutrition supplement brand for bariatric surgery patients!